Ioannis M. Stephanakis

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A novel approach to color image segmentation is proposed and formulated in this paper. Conventional color segmentation methods apply SOFMs – among other techniques – as a first stage clustering in hierarchical or hybrid schemes in order to achieve color reduction and enhance robustness against noise. 2-D SOFMs defined upon 3-D color space are usually(More)
The LiveCity Project addresses a number of communities where the citizens of a city can have specific challenges and derive immediate benefits or advantages from the proper and effective use of live interactive high definition video-to-video (v2v) communications over the Internet, for various sectors of applications and/or related services. One of these(More)
Cloud computing delivers services over virtualized networks to many end-users. Cloud services are characterized by such attributes as on-demand self-service, broad network access, resource pooling, rapid and elastic resource provisioning and metered services of various qualities. Cloud networks provide data as well as multimedia and video services. Cloud(More)
A novel object dependent coding scheme based on optimization upon wavelet packet trees is proposed. The method may be employed in the context of object oriented video standard MPEG-4 for constraint distortion minimization for each Video Object (VO). Optimal transmission rates are evaluated for each VO which guarantee that important VO (like the foreground)(More)
Next-generation systems, such as the big data cloud, have to cope with several challenges, e.g., move of excessive amount of data at a dictated speed, and thus, require the investigation of concepts additional to security in order to ensure their orderly function. Resilience is such a concept, which when ensured by systems or networks they are able to(More)