Ioannis M. Stephanakis

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A novel approach to color image segmentation is proposed and formulated in this paper. Conventional color segmentation methods apply SOFMs – among other techniques – as a first stage clustering in hierarchical or hybrid schemes in order to achieve color reduction and enhance robustness against noise. 2-D SOFMs defined upon 3-D color space are usually(More)
The LiveCity Project addresses a number of communities where the citizens of a city can have specific challenges and derive immediate benefits or advantages from the proper and effective use of live interactive high definition video-to-video (v2v) communications over the Internet, for various sectors of applications and/or related services. One of these(More)
A novel object dependent coding scheme based on optimization upon wavelet packet trees is proposed. The method may be employed in the context of object oriented video standard MPEG-4 for constraint distortion minimization for each Video Object (VO). Optimal transmission rates are evaluated for each VO which guarantee that important VO (like the foreground)(More)
Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) are particular implementations of AI (artificial intelligence) systems. ANNs have established themselves as powerful tools in clinical practice whenever disease prognosis is based upon the statistical analysis of a set of similar cases characterized by specific clinical data that describe the physical condition of the(More)
Recent advancements in 3D television allow for the capture of scene depth from multiple cameras and the interactive selection of view point and direction within a certain range, the so-called Free Viewpoint Video (FVV). State-of-the-art video codecs such as H.264/AVC exploit the large amount of interview statistical dependencies by combined temporal and(More)
Color image processing systems are used for a variety of purposes including medical imaging. Basic image processing algorithms for enhancement, restoration, segmentation and classification are modified since color is represented as a vector instead of a scalar gray level variable. Color images are regarded as two-dimensional (2-D) vector fields defined on(More)
The problem of efficient bit allocation in the context of object oriented compression of medical images obtained from the medical database of the Second Department of Surgery of the University Hospital of Alexandroupolis, Greece is addressed. Medical images are usually obtained from digital capturing systems at high resolution. Nevertheless transmission of(More)