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Numerous energy harvesting wireless devices that will serve as building blocks for the Internet of Things (IoT) are currently under development. However, there is still only limited understanding of the properties of various energy sources and their impact on energy harvesting adaptive algorithms. Hence, we focus on <i>characterizing the kinetic (motion)(More)
—An integrated voltage regulator (IVR) is presented that uses custom fabricated thin-film magnetic power induc-tors. The inductors are fabricated on a silicon interposer and integrated with a multi-phase buck converter IC by 2.5D chip stacking. Several inductor design variations have been fabricated and tested. The best performance has been achieved with a(More)
Electrowetting droplet transport on the surface of a CMOS IC Supplementary Video 1 shows the actuation of a 1.2-nL droplet between adjacent pixels in the array. This movement is used to characterize actuation voltages under different surface and temperature conditions. Supplementary Video 2 shows the actuation of a larger 3-nL droplet across the entire(More)
The enormous stiffness and low density of graphene make it an ideal material for nanoelectromechanical applications. Here, we demonstrate the fabrication and electrical readout of monolayer graphene resonators, and test their response to changes in mass and temperature. The devices show resonances in the megahertz range, and the strong dependence of(More)
This paper presents the design challenges posed by a new class of ultra-low-power devices referred to as Energy-Harvesting Active Networked Tags (EnHANTs). EnHANTs are small, flexible, and self-reliant (in terms of energy devices that can be attached to objects that are traditionally not networked (e.g., books, clothing, and produce), thereby providing the(More)
The vertical integration of graphene with inorganic semiconductors, oxide semiconductors, and newly emerging layered materials has recently been demonstrated as a promising route toward novel electronic and optoelectronic devices. Here, we report organic thin film transistors based on vertical heterojunctions of graphene and organic semiconductors. In these(More)
We demonstrate a reflectivity-based cerebral blood volume sensor comprised of surface-mount light-emitting diodes on a flexible substrate with integrated photodetectors in a form factor suitable for direct brain contact and chronic implantation. This reflectivity monitor is able to measure blood flow through the change of the surface reflectivity and,(More)