Ioannis Koukis

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UNLABELLED The use of opioid analgesics to control pain after median sternotomy in cardiac surgical patients is worldwide accepted and established. However, opioids have a wide range of possible side effects, concerning prolonged extubation time, gastrointestinal tract dyskinesia and urinary tract disorders mostly retention. All these may lead to a(More)
We present a symptomatic 40-year-old cirrhotic man who presented with sudden onsets of syncope. Echocardiography revealed right ventricular outflow track obstruction caused by a huge right atrial mass. The tumor was surgically excised under cardiopulmonary bypass. Although no primary cancerous lesion in the liver was detected, histopathology revealed that(More)
Staging is of the utmost importance in the evaluation of a patient with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) because it defines the actual extent of the disease. Accurate staging allows multidisciplinary oncology teams to plan the best surgical or medical treatment and to predict patient prognosis. Based on the recommendation of the International Association(More)
In this report we present a patient who was initially diagnosed as suffering from mitral valve endocarditis. The proper use of diagnostic modalities revealed a pseudo aneurysm of the left ventricle which was mimicking mitral valve vegetations. This allowed better planning of the subsequent operation. The optimal preoperative diagnostic studies are discussed(More)
Solitary fibrous tumor is a rare spindle cell mesenchymal tumor entity, with either benign or malignant behavior that cannot be accurately predicted by histological findings. An intrapulmonary site of origin is even rarer. We report a case of a 51-year-old woman in whom an abnormal nodule in the lower right lung was detected during staging for sigmoid(More)
We report a case of Staphylococcus aureus endocarditis with late onset in a 39-year-old male drug abuser, who presented with bacterial meningitis. Despite resolution of the meningitis as the result of appropriate antimicrobial chemotherapy he developed triple valve endocarditis. Some striking features of this case and a comparison with other reported cases(More)
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