Ioannis Kotsiopoulos

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Architecture Oscar Corcho, Pinar Alper, Ioannis Kotsiopoulos, Paolo Missier, Sean Bechhofer and Carole Goble School of Computer Science The University of Manchester, Manchester, UK <ocorcho, penpecip, ioannis, pmissier, seanb, carole> Abstract The Grid's vision, of sharing diverse resources in a flexible, coordinated and secure manner through(More)
The Grid aims to support secure, flexible and coordinated resource sharing through providing a middleware platform for advanced distributing computing. Consequently, the Grid’s infrastructural machinery aims to allow collections of any kind of resources—computing, storage, data sets, digital libraries, scientific instruments, people, etc—to easily form(More)
The increasing number of functionally similar services requires the existence of a non-functional properties selection process based on the Quality of Service (QoS). Thus, in this article, authors focus on the provision of a QoS model, an architecture and an implementation which enhance the selection process by the annotation of Service Level Agreement(More)
The Semantic Grid initiative aims to exploit knowledge in the Grid to increase the automation, interoperability and flexibility of Grid middleware and applications. To bring a principled approach to developing Semantic Grid Systems, and to outline their core capabilities and behaviors, we have devised a reference Semantic Grid Architecture called S-OGSA. We(More)
Moving towards a global market of services requires flexible infrastructures that will deal with the inevitable semantic heterogeneity that occurs during the negotiation that precedes the trading of a service. In order to reach an agreement, the negotiating parties need to understand the concepts describing the Quality of Service (QoS) terms which are part(More)
The paper explores the role of social media during large scale crises and disasters, as investigated by the COSMIC project. Based on a typology of crises and on case studies, we examine communication challenges and societal dynamics in conjunction with interactions among new media, officials and first responders, and the public. A number of technology(More)
Electronic Patient Records systems configured into large enterprise models have become the assumed best route forward. In England, as in several other countries, this has expanded to a major meta-enterprise procurement programme. However, concerns are raised that such systems lack user ownership, and experience from other sectors shows difficulties with(More)
The evolution of services market raises the need for automatic support for negotiating service use criteria. In order to reach an agreement, the negotiating parties need to develop a common understanding of the Quality of Service (QoS) terms which are part of the Service Level Agreement (SLA). The use of semantic annotations together with reasoning can(More)