Ioannis K. Zarkadis

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The factor B (Bf) and C2 complement genes are closely linked within the MHC class III region and are thought to have arisen by gene duplication from a single gene encoding an ancestral molecule; the animal phyla in which this duplication event took place is unknown. Two teleost fish, (zebrafish and medaka fish) have each been shown to possess only a single(More)
A photoreactive analogue of spermine, N1-azidobenzamidino (ABA)-spermine, was covalently attached after irradiation to Escherichia coli 30S ribosomal subunits or naked 16S rRNA. By means of RNase H digestion and primer extension, the cross-linking sites of ABA-spermine in naked 16S rRNA were characterised and compared with those identified in 30S subunits.(More)
In this study we have shown that complement component C3 is expressed in the regenerating tissue during urodele limb regeneration. C3 was expressed in the dedifferentiated regeneration blastema and in the redifferentiated limb tissues in the axolotl, Amblystoma mexicanum, and in Notophthalmus viridescens. This expression was verified by immunofluorescent(More)
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