Ioannis Giavasis

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The application of Fourier Transform near infrared spectroscopy (FT-NIRS) to near real-time monitoring of polysaccharide and biomass concentration was investigated using a gellan-producing strain of Sphingomonas paucimobilis grown in a stirred tank reactor. Successful models for both biomass and gellan were constructed despite the physichochemical(More)
Grape pomace is a by-product of winemaking process and rich in bioactive compounds such as plant polyphenols having antioxidant and antimicrobial activities. As known, oxidative stress may cause a number of pathological conditions in farm animals and thus affecting animal welfare and production. Moreover, pathogenic bacteria affect animals' health status.(More)
Fungal bioactive polysaccharides deriving mainly from the Basidiomycetes family (and some from the Ascomycetes) and medicinal mushrooms have been well known and widely used in far Asia as part of traditional diet and medicine, and in the last decades have been the core of intense research for the understanding and the utilization of their medicinal(More)
For decades microbial exopolysaccharides have been invaluable ingredients in the food industry, as well as having many attractive pharmaceutical and chemical applications. Gellan gum is a comparatively new gum elaborated by the Gram-negative bacterium Sphingomonas paucimobilis. Although its physico-chemical properties have been well characterized, the(More)
In the course of the present work, plain (nonencapsulated) and microencapsulated polyphenols were produced using olive mill wastewater (OMW) as raw material, in order to be used for enrichment of yogurt and dairy products. The OMW was first clarified by using membrane technology and subsequently the contained poly-phenols were isolated by(More)
AIMS This study evaluated the efficacy of a probiotic containing Bacillus toyonensis spores (Toyocerin(®) ) in postweaning piglets against enteric pathogens. METHODS AND RESULTS Seven hundred and ninety-two healthy weaning pigs of a commercial farrow-to-finish pig farm were used. The negative control group fed without Toyocerin(®) and two experimental(More)
This paper introduces the application of an agent-based software system for monitoring the process of gellan gum production. Gellan gum (biopolymer) is produced in industrial scale in bioreactors (sealed vessels) where the microbial culture is grown in a liquid fermentation medium under controlled environmental conditions (temperature, pH, aeration and(More)
In the present study, grape pomace (GP) was used as feed additive in the diet of weaned piglets in order to develop innovative feedstuffs and to investigate their potential beneficial effects on welfare, productivity and meat quality. For examining the antioxidant capacity of the experimental feeds, 24 piglets of 20 days old were assigned to two(More)
In the present study we investigated the effects of an olive polyphenol-enriched yogurt on yogurt microflora, as well as hematological, physiological and metabolic parameters, blood redox status and body composition. In a randomized double-blind, crossover design, 16 (6 men, 10 women) nonsmoking volunteers with non-declared pathology consumed either 400 g(More)
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