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Four not six: Revealing culturally common facial expressions of emotion.
As a highly social species, humans generate complex facial expressions to communicate a diverse range of emotions. Since Darwin's work, identifying among these complex patterns which are commonExpand
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Space-by-time manifold representation of dynamic facial expressions for emotion categorization
Visual categorization is the brain computation that reduces high-dimensional information in the visual environment into a smaller set of meaningful categories. An important problem in visualExpand
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Biofeedback Signals for Robotic Rehabilitation: Assessment of Wrist Muscle Activation Patterns in Healthy Humans
Electrophysiological recordings from human muscles can serve as control signals for robotic rehabilitation devices. Given that many diseases affecting the human sensorimotor system are associatedExpand
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Characterizing the Manifolds of Dynamic Facial Expression Categorization
Visual categorization seeks to understand how logical combinations of visual cues (e.g. "wide opened left eye" and "opened mouth") provide singly necessary and jointly sufficient conditions to accessExpand
Alteration of muscle synergy structure while walking under increased postural constraints
It is hypothesised that specific groups of muscles aka muscle synergies (MSs) are combined by the central nervous system to control a wide repertoire of movements and also simplify motor control.Expand