Ioannis D. Chasiotis

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—An apparatus has been designed and implemented to measure the elastic tensile properties (Young's modulus and tensile strength) of surface micromachined polysilicon specimens. The tensile specimens are " dog-bone " shaped ending in a large " paddle " for convenient electrostatic or, in the improved apparatus, ultraviolet (UV) light curable adhesive(More)
A novel method to perform nanoscale mechanical characterization of highly deformable nanofibers has been developed. A microelectromechanical system (MEMS) test platform with an on-chip leaf-spring load cell that was tuned with the aid of a focused ion beam was built for fiber gripping and force measurement and it was actuated with an external piezoelectric(More)
Experimentation at the micron level requires specific tools and methods. It will be illustrated how some of these tools have to be combined to achieve this goal. Because the determination of strains at the micron and nanoscales has been explored with the aid of probe microscopy, attention needs to be devoted to the limitations of digital image correlation.(More)
A micromechanical modeling procedure is developed to predict the viscoelastic properties of a graphite nanoplatelet/epoxy composite as a function of volume fraction and nanoplatelet diameter. The predicted storage and loss moduli from the model are compared to measured values from the same material using Dynamical Mechanical Analysis, nanoindentation, and(More)
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