Ioannis Constantinou

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In this study we present an integrated system for supporting the diagnosis of endometrial cancer. The system consists of an electronic patient record that incoporates a hysteroscopy imaging CAD system for the early detection of endometrial cancer. The electronic patient record is based on information collected from: appointments, patient info, hysteroscopy(More)
— The use of multiscale AM-FM analysis systems has been recently demonstrated in a variety of applications in medical image analysis. In all of these applications, a fixed filter-bank is used as a preprocessing step for estimating different AM-FM components from different scales. In this paper, for the first time, we introduce the use of an adaptive,(More)
—The paper proposes the use of elastic net regression for reconstructing images from AM-FM components. Current AM-FM reconstruction methods are based on Dominant Component Analysis (DCA), multi-scale DCA, and Channel Component Analysis (CCA). The paper introduce a variation on CCA that uses elastic net regression to minimize the number of channels that are(More)
There is a huge need for open source software solutions in the healthcare domain, given the flexibility, interoperability and resource savings characteristics they offer. In this context, this paper presents the development of three open source libraries - Specific Enablers (SEs) for eHealth applications that were developed under the European project titled(More)
— Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. Mammography is the only breast cancer screening method that has proven to be effective. Mammographic breast density is increasingly assessed towards the development of more personalized screening routines. This work presents the estimation of spatial dependence (SD) or otherwise called co-occurrence(More)