Ioannis Chremmos

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A rigorous integral equation (IE) analysis of the interaction between a surface plasmon polariton (SPP) and a circular dielectric cavity embedded in a metal half-space is presented. The device is addressed as the plasmonic counterpart of the established integrated optics filter comprising a whispering gallery (WG) resonator coupled to a waveguide. The(More)
The transformation of radially traveling cylindrical waves between two cylindrical coordinate systems with skew (nonparallel) axes is derived for the first time to our knowledge. The analytical procedure is based on the complex integral representation of the Hankel function and appropriate contour deformation and change of variables to obtain a final(More)
The scattering by a linear chain of spherical dielectric inclusions, embedded along the axis of an optical fiber, is analyzed using a rigorous integral equation formulation, based on the dyadic Green's function theory. The coupled electric field integral equations are solved by applying the Galerkin technique with Mie-type expansion of the field inside the(More)
A method is proposed for generating Bessel-like optical beams with arbitrary trajectories in free space. The method involves phase-modulating an optical wavefront so that conical bundles of rays are formed whose apexes write a continuous focal curve with pre-specified shape. These ray cones have circular bases on the input plane; thus their interference(More)
We demonstrate analytically and experimentally that a circular abruptly autofocusing (AAF) Airy beam can be generated by Fourier-transforming an appropriately apodized Bessel beam whose radial oscillations are chirped by a cubic phase term. Depending on the relation between the chirp rate and the focal distance of the Fourier-transforming lens, it is(More)
Ioannis D. Chremmos,1,* Zhigang Chen,2 Demetrios N. Christodoulides,3 and Nikolaos K. Efremidis1 1Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Crete, Heraklion 71409, Crete, Greece 2Department of Physics and Astronomy, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California 94132 USA 3CREOL/College of Optics, University of Central Florida, Orlando,(More)
We introduce a new family of (2+1)D light beams with pre-engineered abruptly autofocusing properties. These beams have a circularly symmetric input profile that develops outward of a dark disk and oscillates radially as a sublinear-chirp signal, creating a series of concentric intensity rings with gradually decreasing width. The light rays involved in this(More)
For decades, singular beams carrying angular momentum have been a topic of considerable interest. Their intriguing applications are ubiquitous in a variety of fields, ranging from optical manipulation to photon entanglement, and from microscopy and coronagraphy to free-space communications, detection of rotating black holes, and even relativistic electrons(More)
The coupling phenomena between two slab waveguides in the presence of ring resonators are investigated through a rigorous integral equation analysis. A Green's-function-theory approach is utilized to develop the integral equation formulation. The solution is obtained by applying an entire-domain Galerkin technique, using the orthogonality properties of(More)