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A rigorous integral equation (IE) analysis of the interaction between a surface plasmon polariton (SPP) and a circular dielectric cavity embedded in a metal half-space is presented. The device is addressed as the plasmonic counterpart of the established integrated optics filter comprising a whispering gallery (WG) resonator coupled to a waveguide. The(More)
The scattering by a linear chain of spherical dielectric inclusions, embedded along the axis of an optical fiber, is analyzed using a rigorous integral equation formulation, based on the dyadic Green's function theory. The coupled electric field integral equations are solved by applying the Galerkin technique with Mie-type expansion of the field inside the(More)
A method is proposed for generating Bessel-like optical beams with arbitrary trajectories in free space. The method involves phase-modulating an optical wavefront so that conical bundles of rays are formed whose apexes write a continuous focal curve with pre-specified shape. These ray cones have circular bases on the input plane; thus their interference(More)
We demonstrate analytically and experimentally that a circular abruptly autofocusing (AAF) Airy beam can be generated by Fourier-transforming an appropriately apodized Bessel beam whose radial oscillations are chirped by a cubic phase term. Depending on the relation between the chirp rate and the focal distance of the Fourier-transforming lens, it is(More)
We introduce a new family of (2+1)D light beams with pre-engineered abruptly autofocusing properties. These beams have a circularly symmetric input profile that develops outward of a dark disk and oscillates radially as a sublinear-chirp signal, creating a series of concentric intensity rings with gradually decreasing width. The light rays involved in this(More)
We experimentally demonstrate self-accelerating Bessel-like optical beams propagating along arbitrary trajectories in free space. With computer-generated holography, such beams are designed to follow different controllable trajectories while their main lobe transverse profiles remain nearly invariant and symmetric. Examples include parabolic, snake-like,(More)
For decades, singular beams carrying angular momentum have been a topic of considerable interest. Their intriguing applications are ubiquitous in a variety of fields, ranging from optical manipulation to photon entanglement, and from microscopy and coronagraphy to free-space communications, detection of rotating black holes, and even relativistic electrons(More)
We propose a simple yet efficient method for generating abruptly autofocusing optical beams with arbitrary caustics. In addition, we introduce a family of abruptly autodefocusing beams whose maximum intensity suddenly decreases by orders of magnitude right after the target. The method relies on appropriately modulating the phase of a circularly symmetric(More)
The coupling phenomena between two slab waveguides in the presence of ring resonators are investigated through a rigorous integral equation analysis. A Green's-function-theory approach is utilized to develop the integral equation formulation. The solution is obtained by applying an entire-domain Galerkin technique, using the orthogonality properties of(More)