Ioannis Charitakis

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—State-of-the-art high-speed network intrusion detection and prevention systems are often designed using multiple intrusion detection sensors operating in parallel coupled with a suitable front-end load-balancing traffic splitter. In this paper, we argue that, rather than just passively providing generic load distribution, traffic splitters should implement(More)
We present a software architecture that enables the use of the IXP1200 network processor in packet header analysis for network intrusion detection. The proposed work consists of a simple and efficient run-time infrastructure for managing network processor resources, along with the S2I compiler, a tool that generates efficient C code from high-level, human(More)
Scaling network intrusion detection to high network speeds can be achieved using multiple sensors operating in parallel coupled with a suitable load balancing traffic splitter. This paper examines a splitter architecture that incorporates two methods for improving system performance: the first is the use of early filtering where a portion of the packets is(More)
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