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In the Internet of Things (IoT), devices and gateways may be equipped with multiple, heterogeneous network interfaces which should be utilized by a large number of services. In this work, we model the problem of assigning services' resource demands to a device's heterogeneous interfaces and give a Mixed Integer Linear Program (MILP) formulation for it. For(More)
In this work, we analyze the probabilistic cooperation of a full-duplex relay in a multiuser random-access network. The relay is equipped with on/off modes for the receiver and the transmitter independently. These modes are modeled as probabilities by which the receiver and the transmitter are activated. We provide analytical expressions for the performance(More)
Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices can be equipped with multiple heterogeneous network interfaces. An overwhelmingly large amount of services may demand some or all of these interfaces' available resources. Herein, we present a precise mathematical formulation of assigning services to interfaces with heterogeneous resources in one or more rounds. For(More)
Relay nodes with physical layer cooperation have been used extensively to assist users' transmissions in wireless networks. This network level cooperation has been lately been gaining popularity and analytical expressions of the performance of a network with up to two relay nodes exist in recent literature. In this work, we give simulation results outlining(More)
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