Ioannis Alexiou

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Cyclins are indispensable elements of the cell cycle and derangement of their function can lead to cancer formation. Recent studies have also revealed more mechanisms through which cyclins can express their oncogenic potential. This review focuses on the aberrant expression of G1/S cyclins and especially cyclin D and cyclin E; the pathways through which(More)
BACKGROUND Rheumatic diseases are a major health and financial burden for societies. The prevalence of rheumatic diseases may change over time, and therefore, we sought to estimate the prevalence of rheumatic diseases in an adult population of central Greece. METHODS In this prospective cross-sectional population survey, a random sample of adult(More)
BACKGROUND Anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide (anti-CCP) antibodies have been of diagnostic value in Northern European Caucasian patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). In these populations, anti-CCP antibodies are associated with the HLA-DRB1 shared epitope. We assessed the diagnostic value of anti-CCP antibodies in Greek patients with RA where the HLA(More)
Recent progress has been made on sparse dictionaries for the Bag-of-Visual-Words (BOVW) approach to object recognition and scene categorization. In particular, jointly encoded words have been shown to greatly enhance retrieval and categorization performance by both improving dictionary sparsity, which impacts efficiency of retrieval, and improving the(More)
1 Motivation and contributions In this paper, we address a specific use-case of wearable or hand-held camera technology: indoor navigation. We explore the possibility of crowdsourcing navigational data in the form of video sequences that are captured from wearable or hand-held cameras. Without using geometric inference techniques (such as SLAM), we test(More)
Vision is one of the most important of the senses, and humans use it extensively during navigation. We evaluated different types of image and video frame de-scriptors that could be used to determine distinctive visual landmarks for localizing a person based on what is seen by a camera that they carry. To do this, we created a database containing over 3 km(More)
The ubiquity of smartphones with high quality cameras and fast network connections will spawn many new applications. One of these is visual object recognition, an emerging smartphone feature which could play roles in high-street shopping, price comparisons and similar uses. There are also potential roles for such technology in assistive applications , such(More)