Ioannis A. Pneumatikos

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Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is characterized by the presence of fibrin-rich inflammatory exudates in the intra-alveolar spaces and the extensive migration of neutrophils into alveoli of the lungs. Tissue factor (TF)-dependent procoagulant properties of bronchoalveaolar lavage fluid (BALF) obtained from ARDS patients favor fibrin deposition,(More)
Ventilator-associated pneumonia is the most common nosocomial infection in the intensive care unit, and it is associated with prolonged hospitalization, increased health care costs, and high attributable mortality. During the past several decades, numerous studies focused on the crucial role of the endotracheal tube (ETT) in the pathogenesis of(More)
Objective: To determine whether selective decontamination locally in the subglottic area (SDSA) reduces tracheal colonization and prevents ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) in patients with multiple trauma. Design and setting: A prospective randomized, controlled, clinical study in a 14-bed general intensive care unit of a university hospital. Patients:(More)
PURPOSE The aim of the study was to investigate possible associations between different heart rate variability (HRV) indices and various biomarkers of inflammation in 45 septic patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS We daily assessed HRV in the time domain (SD of RR intervals [SDNN]), frequency domain (low [LF], high frequency [HF], LF/HF as an indicator of(More)
Cold-stored arteries, tissues or organs are transferred in vascular, reconstructive and transplantation surgery. The function of transferred vessels and tissues diminishes when infection complicates transplantation, thereby contributing to morbidity. To evaluate the mechanisms involved, the effects of cold storage on basal vascular reactivity and the(More)
We investigated the efficacy of locally applied nasal decongestant agents and corticosteroids for preventing nosocomial maxillary sinusitis in mechanically ventilated patients with multiple trauma. A prospective, open-label randomized study in two intensive care units (ICUs). 79 consecutive multiple trauma patients admitted to the ICU who were expected to(More)
BACKGROUND The predictive role of many cytokines has not been well defined in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). METHODS We measured prospectively IL-4, IL-6, IL-6 receptor, IL-8, and IL-10, in the serum and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF) in 59 patients who were admitted to ICU in order to identify predictive factors for the course and(More)
To investigate the respiratory, metabolic and hemodynamic effects of clonidine in ventilated patients presenting with withdrawal syndrome after sedation interruption. Prospective, interventional, single-center study in 30 ventilated ICU patients. Metabolic [oxygen consumption (VO2), CO2 production (VCO2), resting energy expenditure (REE)], respiratory(More)
BACKGROUND Even though temperature is a continuous quantitative variable, its measurement has been considered a snapshot of a process, indicating whether a patient is febrile or afebrile. Recently, other diagnostic techniques have been proposed for the association between different properties of the temperature curve with severity of illness in the(More)