Ioanna Zerva

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The expression of DOβ and not DOα, in addition to the high intracellular DR, low DM levels and absence of surface DR expression in K562 and HL-60 cells introduce alternative regulatory pathways in DR trafficking and consequently the antigen presentation process. The present study attempted to define the naturally occurring DOα negative state and explain the(More)
To overcome the limiting antigenic repertoire of protein sub-units and the side effects of adjuvants applied in second generation vaccines, the present work combined in vitro and in vivo manipulations to develop biomaterials allowing natural antigen-loading and presentation in vitro and further activation of the immune response in vivo. 3-dimensional laser(More)
Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) is commonly used in murine sepsis models, which are largely associated with immunosuppression and collapse of the immune system. After adapting the LPS treatment to the needs of locally bred BALB/c mice, the present study explored the potential role of IgG and IgM in reversing LPS endotoxemia. The established protocol consisted of(More)
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