Ioanna Kokkinou

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In the present study we demonstrate that enzymatically active l-Dopa decarboxylase (DDC) is expressed in U937 cells, an important model of human macrophage function. The mRNA coding for the enzyme was found to be of the neural-type. DDC was detected in both the soluble and membrane fractions. The active molecule is released from the membrane fraction in the(More)
L-DOPA decarboxylase (DDC) is a pyridoxal 5-phosphate (PLP)-dependent enzyme that catalyses the decarboxylation of L-DOPA to dopamine. Dopamine (DA) has been found to be a regulating factor of the proliferation and differentiation of different leukocyte subtypes. In the present study, we report the expression of the gene that codes for the L-DOPA(More)
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