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Despite widespread proliferation of mobile devices providing access to a variety of advanced and data-rich services, adoption of those services remains low in most of the Western world. Thus, research related to the acceptance and use of mobile technology and services continues to develop. Traditional research in this domain has been useful for exploring(More)
Mobile data services have for almost a decade been promoted as the next crux in the mobile communications revolution. However, consumer embracement of data services has been the exception rather than the rule in most western European counties. We conducted a multi-method field study to investigate if user's perceptions of central technology acceptance items(More)
The introduction of smartphones and the accompanying profusion of mobile data services have had a profound effect on individuals' lives. One of the most influential service categories is location-based services (LBS). Based on insights from behavioural decision-making, a conceptual framework is developed to analyse individuals' decisions to use LBS,(More)
IP-telephony has been widely characterised as a disruptive innovation that has the potential to radically change the telecommunications industry. It has been presented as a technology that can replace existing fixed-line services by offering a new convenient and lower priced service. This paper explores diffusion of IP-telephony in Denmark, focusing on(More)