Ioanna A. Comstock

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OBJECTIVE To analyze the transcriptomic profile of endometrial gene alterations during the window of implantation in infertile obese patients. DESIGN Multicenter, prospective, case-control study. SETTING Three academic medical centers for reproductive medicine. PATIENT(S) Infertile patients, stratified into body mass index (BMI) categories according(More)
The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of female BMI and metabolic dysfunction on blastocyst formation rate. This was a retrospective cohort study that was performed in an academic center for reproductive medicine. Patients who were normal weight, overweight with metabolic dysfunction, or obese who had ≥6 oocytes retrieved in a fresh IVF cycle(More)
Drug-induced immune thrombocytopenia has been associated with hundreds of medications and can lead to devastating consequences for the patient. We present a case of a healthy 33-year-old female undergoing in vitro fertilization who developed a severe drug-induced thrombocytopenia, petechiae, and a large hemoperitoneum after receiving Cefazolin antibiotic(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare chromosome testing of miscarriage specimens between traditional cytogenetic analysis and molecular karyotyping using single nucleotide polymorphism microarrays (SNP) and array comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH). DESIGN Prospective blinded cohort study. SETTING University-based practice. PATIENT(S) Women undergoing dilation(More)
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