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New Books and Multimedia column contains brief reviews of new hooks in the computer communications field. Each review includes a highly abstracted description of the contents, relying on tfie publisher's descriptive materials, minus advertising superlatives, and checked for accuracy against a copy of the book. The reviews also comment on the structure and(More)
(Continued from page 5) a safe, but influential, distance. The dif-The Switch Book: The Complete Guide to LAN ferences of switching at Layers 2 , 3 or 4 are briefly discussed in the fourth chapter. Rather than hurt the value of the book, the lack of network layer specifics adds to the pleasure ofreading it. Indeed, if you are of the opinion that routing is(More)
—We consider the problem of aggregation converge-cast scheduling in wireless sensor networks. Aggregation con-vergecast differs from regular convergecast in that it accommodates transmission dependencies that allow in-network ag-gregation to be performed. We formulate the abstract problem of aggregation convergecast and review the existing literature. We(More)
extensions), mobility in IPv6, mobility management using SIP, cellular IP, and HAWAII, while on the 3GPP side we find a description of packet mobility management (PMM) and related topics. The third theme, security, covers PKI, IPSec, and AAA, recapping security as implemented i n GSM, IS-41, and GPRS, and extending over to 3GPP security, which is clearly(More)