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We propose and study a method for a multi-agent system of autonomous vehicles to perform the exploration of a non-stationary environment. The goal of this exploration is to reach a designated target geometry, typically a boundary, and to describe that boundary. The current paper relates to the general objective of studying motions of swarms, which we(More)
Tracking controlled states over a large range of accessible parameters is a process which allows for the experimental continuation of unstable states in both chaotic and non-chaotic parameter regions of interest. In algorithmic form, tracking allows experimentalists to examine many of the unstable states responsible for much of the observed nonlinear(More)
Tracking unstable periodic states first introduced in [Schwartz & Triandaf, 1992] is the process of continuing unstable solutions as a systems parameter is varied in experiments. The tracked dynamical objects have been periodic saddles of well-defined finite periods. However, other saddles, such as chaotic saddles, have not been successfully “tracked,” or(More)
ECG changes were followed up in 69 patients under continuous electrocardiographic monitoring before, during and after esophago-gastro-duodenoscopy (EGD). Of these 32 (46.5%) had ischemic heart disease (IHD). One or more varied abnormalities including supraventricular or ventricular ectopic beats, sinus tachycardia or sinus bradycardia, intermittent right or(More)
We present a general method for preserving chaos in nonchaotic parameter regimes as well as preserving periodic behavior in chaotic regimes using a multifrequency phase control. The systems considered are nonlinear systems driven at a base frequency. Multifrequency phase control is defined as the addition of small subharmonic amplitude modulation coupled(More)
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In a transmission line oscillator a linear wave travels along a piece of cable, the transmission line, and interacts with terminating electrical components. Diodes are integrated into almost all electronic devices as a means of protecting the logic circuits from destructive outside signals and high-voltage discharges. In the simple network model that we(More)
It has been suggested by experimentalists that a weakly nonlinear analysis of the recently introduced equations of motion for the nematic electroconvection by M. Treiber and L. Kramer [Phys. Rev. E 58, 1973 (1998)] has the potential to reproduce the dynamics of the zigzag-type extended spatiotemporal chaos and localized solutions observed near onset in(More)
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We consider a transmission line model connected to a nonlinear component at one boundary and a linear resistor at the other boundary. We show that when the nonlinearity at the boundary is hysteretic, chaotic behavior occurs, which propagates along the transmission line creating a complex pattern which is an example of severe signal distortion. In a real(More)