Ioana S. Sevcenco

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A multi-exposure and multi-focus image fusion algorithm is proposed. The algorithm is developed for color images and is based on blending the gradients of the luminance components of the input images using the maximum gradient magnitude at each pixel location and then obtaining the fused luminance using a Haar wavelet-based image reconstruction technique.(More)
A method for seamless stitching of images with photometric inconsistencies in the overlapping region is presented. The method is based on generating a set of stitched gradients from the gradients of the input images and then reconstructing the mosaic image using the Haar wavelet integration technique of [11], [12]. This O(N) reconstruction technique is(More)
A new wavelet based algorithm for reconstructing three dimensional (3-D) signals from gradients is proposed. The algorithm is based on obtaining directly from the gradients the Haar wavelet decomposition and from it the 3-D signal using a wavelet synthesis that includes an iterative Poisson solver at each resolution. The approach is an extension of a(More)
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