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UNLABELLED BACKGROUND Extensive research has been performed worldwide and important evidences were collected to show the immense potential of plants used in various traditional therapeutic systems. The aim of this work is to investigate the different extracting solvents in terms of the influence of their polarity on the extracting ability of bioactive(More)
Sorghum holepense is an extremely wide spread species, being met in many European, Asian, American and African countries and covering approximately 1/3 of the land cultivated with fields crops, grapevine, fruit trees and vegetables. In Romania, Sorghum halepense is present in almost all the country, invading in hoed-plants ad vegetable crops as well as(More)
In the last years a significant attack increasing of codling moth was observed in the western part of Romania. In order to reduce the population of this pests a bioproduct was used named Trichotim based on entomophagous insect Trichogramma sp. Trichotim is a Romanian product certified in year 2000 with the purpose to control the pests present in various(More)
The invasive Diabrotico virgifera virgifera Le Conte (western corn rootworm) species has become a very important pest of maize growing areas from Europe. Incidence of this pest in Europe and Romania attract the specialist's attention and European organisms regarding substantial changes which save the yield. Current trends in control regard the using natural(More)
The researches were conducted in order to observe the behaviour of conventional and glyphosate resistant transgenic maize to different weed control methods. In this paper, the obtained results are presented. The study was conducted in experimental years 2008-2009 in the frame of Didactical Station USAMVB Timisoara. In order to conduct this study, 4 variants(More)
Since the appearance of western corn rootworm (Diabrotica virgifera virgifera Le Conte) (Coleoptera: Chrysometidae) in Romania, many researchers have been made, in more or less success. In this study we try to clarify the ecology of the species in order to predict its evolution and its potential area of distribution. In Romania, this species was signalled(More)
Wheat crop (Triticum aestivum L.) from Poaceae family is affected by many diseases that cause yield losses. The present paper addresses a topic of economic, agrotechnics and social importance of wheat crop (occupying the first place among the Romanian cultivated crop, feeding 35 to 40% of world population). The study had as main objective product testing(More)
Following a screening completed over several species of fungus for establishing the efficiency of the extracts produced from them, against agent causing the late blight--Phytophthora infestans--two species of fungus were selected--Fusarium graminearum and Fusarium culmorum--in order to employ them and their strains with different virulence in the(More)
Romania is part of the southeast European expansion zone of the invasive rootworm species Diabrotica v. virgifera LeConte (Col.: Chrysomelidae) (WCR). The pest originated in North America and reached Belgrade airport with US foreign aid air shipments prior to 1992. Today, about 20 years after its introduction, WCR is a major maize pest which regionally(More)
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