Ioana Gheta

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In order to obtain depth information from intensity sensors without auxiliary means, an image series is needed, gathered by varying at least the geometrical or focus position of the camera. Each of the fusion methods imposes certain constraints on the observed scene. With the aim of alleviating these restrictions, this contribution presents an algorithm to(More)
This contribution introduces a three pillar informa­ tion storage and management system for modeling the environ­ ment of autonomous systems. The main characteristics is the separation of prior knowledge, environment model and sensor information. In the center of the system is the environment model, which provides the autonomous system with information(More)
Several algorithms are common for estimating depth from stereo series, but many of them have difficulties when determining depth of objects having periodical structure. This contribution proposes a method to overcome the impediments by using defocus as additional information. The algorithm fuses depth from stereo and depth from defocused edges by analyzing(More)
Estimating depth maps is an important step towards 3D reconstruction. In order to compensate the insufficiencies that different image based methods impose, a fusion of multiple information sources for depth estimation is proposed. This article concentrates on obtaining depth information by fusing combined stereo and focus series, which are efficiently(More)
This contribution presents a fusion method for multivariate stereo and spectral series with the purpose of obtaining 3D information. The image series are gained using a camera array with spectral filters. In order to register them, features that are invariant with respect to the intensity values in the images are extracted. The fusion approach is region(More)
Combined stereo and focus image series are fused for obtaining robust 3D information. The combination of depth from stereo and depth from (de)focus leads to good results also when dealing with scenes presenting periodical or weak structure. For analyzing the problem in ray optics, a signal model is presented which describes the imaging of a camera array(More)
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