Ioana Baldini

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È stato osservato che quando il pH intra-cellulare è più basso di quello plasmatico la forma dei mitocondri è prevalentemente a bastoncino, aumentando il pH (in condizioni sperimentali e patologiche) i mitocondri tendono a rigonfiare. Il fenomeno è anche dimostrabile spettrofotometricamente sui mitocondri isolati il cui rigonfiamento spontaneo regredisce(More)
Creating mobile applications often requires both client and server-side code development, each requiring vastly different skills. Recently, cloud providers like Amazon and Google introduced "server-less" programming models that abstract away many infrastructure concerns and allow developers to focus on their application logic. In this demonstration, we(More)
Hygienic significance of the usual microbial (E. coli, Enterococci, Clostridia) and chemical (COD, NH3, NO2) indexes of sea-water biological pollution was investigated, in comparison with RNA-coliphages assay. E. coli was confirmed as an easily measurable and significant index of biological pollution (at least for routinary investigations), while the other(More)
Graphics processing units (GPUs) can deliver considerable performance gains over general purpose processors. However, GPU performance improvement vary considerably across applications. Porting applications to GPUs by rewriting code with GPU-specific languages requires significant effort. In consequence, it is desirable to predict which applications would(More)
Nous avons observé une augmentation du ARN contenu dans le sérum des animaux immunisés; cette augmentation est liée surtout à la fraction desγ-globulines. Le transfert dans les animaux normaux du ARN extrait par le sérum immunisant détermine la prompte production des anticorps vers les mêmes antigènes usés pour l'immunisation.
Serverless computing has emerged as a new compelling paradigm for the deployment of applications and services. It represents an evolution of cloud programming models, abstractions, and platforms, and is a testament to the maturity and wide adoption of cloud technologies. In this chapter, we survey existing serverless platforms from industry, academia, and(More)
Canary testing is an emerging technique that offers to minimize the risk of deploying a new version of software. It does so by slowly transferring load from the current to the new ("canary") version. As this ramp-up progresses, a human compares the performance and correctness of the two versions, and assesses whether to abort the canary version. For canary(More)