Ioana A. Stanescu

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Narratives are used to construct and deconstruct the time and space of events. In games, as in real life, narratives add layers of meaning and engage players by enhancing or clarifying content. From an educational perspective, narratives are a semiotic conduit for evoking critical thinking skills and promoting knowledge discovery/acquisition. While(More)
Myelinolysis is characterized by a non inflammatory demyelination, affecting the central portion of the pons. Clinical features usually reflect damage to the descending motor tracts and include spastic tetraparesis, pseudobulbar paralysis, and the locked-in syndrome. We describe the case of a 58-year-old man, who developed a pontine and extrapontine(More)
The territory of Game Based Learning has been widely explored, yet much has still to be done in the field. Both the methodological and the empirical aspects of adopting games for educational purposes require further in-depth investigation. What are, then, the current hot issues in the field? What relevant research questions are still to be answered? This is(More)
Serious games (SGs) have been used in the education of students and professionals for decades, but still have not reached their full potential, despite the large consensus they have gained recently. The entertainment game industry is a rapidly developing phenomenon, with a high market potential, enabled and enhanced by technological innovation. The question(More)
Renewable Energy Sources (RES) have evolved into an international success story. Even if, based on the policy and legislative support from the European Commission and national governments, the number of Renewable Energy Providers (REP) has increased substantially, RES are far from being readily usable. Numerous factors limit their efficiency. This paper(More)