Ioana Ţincaş

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BACKGROUND Several studies have identified better visual-spatial than verbal memory skills in children with Down's syndrome (DS); however, research in both typical development and DS points to a relative dissociation between visual and spatial memory processing, questioning the notion of a unitary visual-spatial memory construct. The insufficient and often(More)
Mechanisms of explicit object recognition are often difficult to investigate and require stimuli with controlled features whose expression can be manipulated in a precise quantitative fashion. Here, we developed a novel method (called "Dots"), for generating visual stimuli, which is based on the progressive deformation of a regular lattice of dots, driven(More)
Introduction The ability of our visual system to categorize objects remains, to date, a challenging field of research. Most theories fall short at explaining how our visual system is able to find consistent visual solutions even under occluded conditions, to infer illusory shapes stemming from Gestalt rules, or to construct multiple interpretations in case(More)
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