Ioan Tuleasca

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On the basis of their personal experience acquired in the total of 29 modelling interventions in the ureters of 16 children, the authors discuss the value, the technique and the indications of modelling longitudinal ureteroplasties--or the Hendren operation. This intervention was performed in 8 patients for secondary megaureter, and in another 8 patients it(More)
In cases of caustic oesophageal strictures that need oesophagoplasty, the removal of the injured oesophagus is always necessary--a fact that demands a new transthoracic operation. The authors describe a technique which combines, in a one stage operation, the blunt total transmediastinal oesophagectomy and reverse gastric tube oesophagoplasty, this being(More)
The authors present 34 cases of the traumatic hemoperitoneum with nonoperative/conservative treatment followed up in the past five years. The cases of hemoperitoneum are divided into three categories: hemorrhagic shock; stable clinic status; unstable clinic status. The first category included the cases of operational emergency, the other two categories were(More)
The paper offers a non-exhaustive perspective, as well as a spectrum of performed measurements, in the field of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. Shielding Wi-Fi is shown to be an effective means of counteracting its health risks. The effects of cell phone towers positioning next to living and working spaces is presented and analyzed. Electrical(More)