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We consider nonlinear algebraic systems of the form F ( x ) = Ax + p , x ∈ ℝ + n $F(x)= Ax+p, x\in \mathbb {R}^{n}_{+}$ , where A is a positive matrix and p a non-negative vector. They are involved quite naturally in many applications. For such systems we prove that a positive solution x ∗ exists and is unique. Moreover, we prove that x ∗ is an attraction(More)
In the present note we give a full quantitative version of a theorem of Floater dealing with the asymptotic behaviour of differentiated Bernstein polynomials. While Floater’s result is a generalization of the classical Voronovskaya theorem, ours generalizes a hardly known quantitative version of this theorem due to Videnskĭı, among others.
Nowadays nuclear imaging is increasingly used for non-invasive diagnosis. The image modalities in nuclear imaging suffer of worse statistics, in comparison with computed tomography, since they are based on emission transition tomography. Thus, precise reconstruction methods that can deal with incomplete or missing measurements are needed in order to improve(More)