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This paper presents the automatic control of a temperature chamber. The temperature chambers are used to simulate temperatures from freezing temperatures to very high temperatures. These temperature chambers are often used for testing circuit board in the automotive industry, because this industry requires a big temperature interval. It will be presented(More)
This paper presents two test systems, the first with Agilent equipments and the second with National Instruments equipments. A comparison will be made about the characteristics of each. In each test systems will be presented the three main equipments which are compulsory for a functional test system: power supply, multimeter and function generator.
This paper presents two methods to recognize colors with a simple webcam. The first application is made in Lab VIEW v8.6 with NI Vision Development Module v8.6 and NI IMAQ for USB. The second application is made in LabWindows/CVI with an external library for vision. The interesting fact about the first application is that LabVIEW supports only expensive(More)
In this paper more temperature measuring techniques will be presented. Our focus is on the technique, how to get the temperature information from the sensor to the PC, not the software it's self. Four temperature sensors will be presented, each of them different, needing different kind of mathematic calculation to obtain the temperature. To know these(More)
The continuity of capacitor voltages and inductor currents, well-known from the deterministic case, cannot be directly applied if the initial conditions are random. In this paper, new continuity relations for probability densities, mean values, correlation and covariance functions of the state variables are introduced. An example illustrates the use of the(More)
A novel quadratic boost converter capable of delivering a high output voltage is introduced. Dc-dc operation in continuous conduction mode (CCM) and discontinuous inductor current mode (DICM) are analyzed. A simple and versatile feedforward (FF) circuit is proposed in order to be used with the new converter when operated in CCM. Another application is the(More)
Delta Sigma (∆Σ) modulation allows delay resolution in ultrasound beamformers to be achieved by simple clock cycle delays applied to the undecimated bitstream, greatly reducing the complexity of the signal processing and the number of bits in the data path. The signal resampling involved in dynamic ∆Σ beamforming, however, disrupts synchronization between(More)