Ioan Lazar

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Two important principles that drive the agile MDA processes are immediate execution and test first development. This paper presents a component model, called iComponent, that allows the development of executable models based on agile principles and service orientation. In order to ensure simple and fast definition of component operations, we use a concrete(More)
Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) focuses all development activities on the delivery of behaviours-what a system should do, described such that developers and domain experts speak the same language. BDD frameworks allow users to represent the required system behaviour as executable user stories and the acceptance criteria as executable scenarios attached(More)
introduction Some service-oriented component models support the dynamic availability of components at run-time and offer the possibility to build dynamically adaptable applications. However, building service-oriented components is a complex task due to the complexity of service-oriented frameworks. In this context today frameworks try to simplify the(More)
We describe a pragmatic method for developing use case realizations as Foundational UML (fUML) active objects. The method allows developers to transform the textual representations of use cases into executable UML activities which represent the classifier behaviours of the corresponding use case realiza-tions. The generated graphical representations help(More)
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