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The paper proposes Markov models for the reliability analysis of the wireless sensor networks. There are presented the theoretical aspects and some of the variables that are used in the domain of fault tolerant systems. There is also presented a comparison between systems using dedicated replacements and universal replacements for defective nodes. There has(More)
This paper presents a comparative study between an adaptive fuzzy controller and an adaptive selftuning controller with application to excitation control of a synchronous generator. The adaptive self-tuning controller is based on a dual action, obviously on control input, and also on reference signal. The proposed adaptive fuzzy controller includes a(More)
The wind energy conversion systempsilas (WECS) analysis requires the priory knowledgepsilas regarding the mathematical models for all component subsystems. The paper highlights some contributions to the preset values establishing strategies and models of certain components: rotation speed and voltage preset values establishing strategies, a simplified wind(More)
This paper presents the implementation of a neural network-based fault detection for wireless sensor networks (WSNs). There are discussed two proposed approaches: both a centralized and respectively distributed fault detection. The methods are validated using a wireless sensor network that takes environmental measurements every 60 seconds. There were(More)
In some cases of software-distributed applications, a large data amount must be accessed by a large number of users (dispersed geographically). In these cases, the database replication process provides an efficient solution to increase the application performances. This paper presents two methods to implement a multi-master database replication process. A(More)
The paper introduces a fuzzy system meant to control the oxygen pressure and amperage of a CNC metal plate cutting machine. The fuzzy system control the oxygen pressure and the amperage by analyzing the plate thickness and type, which eliminates the possible human error in making such decision. The system was implemented using as hardware a Simatic S7-\300(More)
The present paper presents a solution for prolonging the battery life for motes within a wide-area wireless sensor network (WSN). In this particulars networks, the distances between motes and base stations are over the motepsilas communication range, and motes located between sinks and base station are commonly used both as regular motes and repeaters. This(More)