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How to Write a Good Paper in Computer Science and HowWill It Be Measured by ISI Web of Knowledge
The academic world has come to place enormous weight on bibliometric measures to assess the value of scientific publications. Our paper has two major goals. First, we discuss the limits of numericalExpand
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Fuzzy TOPSIS: A General View
Abstract The aim of this survey paper is to offer a general view of the developments of fuzzy TOPSIS methods. We begin with a literature review an we explore different fuzzy models that have beenExpand
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Artificial Intelligence + Distributed Systems = Agents
The connection with Wirth's book goes beyond the title, albeit confining the area to modern Artificial Intelligence (AI). Whereas thirty years ago, to devise effective programs, it became necessaryExpand
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E-learning Platforms in Higher Education. Case Study
Abstract This paper describes our experience in using e-learning platforms to support face to face instruction in academic field. We used Moodle as interactive e-learning tool to motivate studentsExpand
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The Fuzzification of Classical Structures: A General View
  • Ioan Dzitac
  • Computer Science
  • Int. J. Comput. Commun. Control
  • 3 October 2015
The aim of this survey article, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Zadeh’s pioneering paper "Fuzzy Sets" (1965), is to offer a unitary view to some important spaces in fuzzy mathematics: fuzzy realExpand
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Introduction to the first issue
  • Ioan Dzitac
  • Computer Science
  • Int. J. Comput. Commun. Control
  • 2006
In this inaugural issue we present: - an editorial article, with a general presentation of IJCCC and this  introduction with short description of the papers published in this first issue; - oneExpand
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The Role of Visual Rhetoric in Semantic Multimedia: Strategies for Decision Making in Times of Crisis
As semantic multimedia is approaching mainstream, even the great improvements that can be seen in its classic schools, like the data mining inspired Information Retrieval based on metadata analysis,Expand
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Decision Support Model for Production Disturbance Estimation
A current modeling framework for disturbance in manufacturing systems (MS) is given by concepts like discrete-event systems, stochastic fluid models and infinitesimal disturbance analysis. The goalExpand
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Fuzzy Logic Is Not Fuzzy: World-renowned Computer Scientist Lotfi A. Zadeh
In 1965 Lotfi A. Zadeh published "Fuzzy Sets", his pioneering and controversial paper, that now reaches almost 100,000 citations. All Zadeh’s papers were cited over 185,000 times. Starting from theExpand
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Atomic Decompositions of Fuzzy Normed Linear Spaces for Wavelet Applications
Wavelet analysis is a powerful tool with modern applications as diverse as: image process- ing, signal processing, data compression, data mining, speech recognition, computer graphics, etc. The aimExpand
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