Ioan Chisalita

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Many people enjoy an Internet connection even at home. These private connections are becoming cheaper, faster and more stable resulting in more and more private PCs being connected at all times. A permanent Internet connection offers new possibilities for Internet services targeting the private home. But it also creates new risks for the household. The(More)
Research in traffc safety has indicated that in-vehicle safety systems provide a better service to drivers when they use data about nearby vehicles. For supp!ving such information, vehicular communication can be employed However, the development of in-vehicle sajety sysfems is currenfly af an early sfage, and the applicability of the communication between(More)
Traffic accidents account for more than half a million casualties every year. The analysis of accidents helps identifying the elements that affect traffic conditions, the relationships between them, and how they may contribute to the occurrence of dangerous situations. In this paper, we present a temporal reasoning system for modeling and analyzing various(More)