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Although curcumin suppresses the growth of a variety of cancer cells, its poor absorption and low systemic bioavailability have limited its translation into clinics as an anticancer agent. In this study, we show that dimethoxycurcumin (DMC), a methylated, more stable analog of curcumin, is significantly more potent than curcumin in inducing cell death and(More)
Despite the advances in biomedical research and clinical applications, cancer remains a leading cause of death worldwide. Given the limitations of conventional chemotherapeutics, including serious toxicities and reduced quality of life for patients, the development of safe and efficacious alternatives with known mechanism of action is much needed.(More)
—A Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) is a promising solution to many security issues due its ability to generate a die-unique identifier that can resist cloning attempts as well as physical tampering. However, the efficiency of a PUF depends on its implementation cost, its reliability, its resiliency to attacks, and the amount of entropy in it. PUF entropy(More)
Focal cortical epilepsy is currently studied most effectively in humans. However, improvement in cortical monitoring and investigational device development is limited by lack of an animal model that mimics human acute focal cortical epileptiform activity under epilepsy surgery conditions. Therefore, we assessed the swine model for translational epilepsy(More)
MOTIVATION It is a common practice in cancer microarray experiments that a normal tissue is collected from the same individual from whom the tumor tissue was taken. The indirect design is usually adopted for the experiment that uses a common reference RNA hybridized both to normal and tumor tissues. However, it is often the case that the test material is(More)
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a childhood syndrome characterized by short attention span, impulsiveness, and hyperactivity, which often leads to learning disabilities and various behavioral problems. The prevalence rates for ADHD varied from a low of 2.0% to a high of 6.3% in 1992 statistics, and it may be higher now. Using Virtual(More)
Protein-protein interactions (PPIs) play important roles in most fundamental cellular processes including cell cycle, metabolism, and cell proliferation. Therefore, the development of effective statistical approaches to predicting protein interactions based on recently available large-scale experimental data is very important. Because protein domains are(More)
We develop semiparametric methods for matched case-control studies using regression splines. Three methods are developed: 1) an approximate cross-validation scheme to estimate the smoothing parameter inherent in regression splines, as well as 2) Monte Carlo expectation maximization (MCEM) and 3) Bayesian methods to fit the regression spline model. We(More)