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Coherent optical time-domain sampling is proposed to relax the requirement for photodetector bandwidth as well as the speed of analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and digital signal processing. Transmission of 10-Gb/s binary phase-shift keying signals over 220-km standard single-mode fiber was demonstrated using 10-Gsa/s ADCs.
Transmission of 155-Mb/s binary phase-shift-keying-modulated microwave/millimeter-wave (MMW) signal on an optical carrier over up to 80 km of standard single-mode fiber has been demonstrated experimentally using direct modulation of a two-section gain-coupled distributed feedback laser. Direct data modulation at an MMW carrier frequency of 25 GHz was(More)
All-optical clock recovery from 180-Gb/s data streams has been demonstrated using a self-pulsing multisection gain-coupled distributed feedback laser. The laser produces self-pulsations with a tuning range of more than 230 GHz. The recovered clock has a jitter of less than 410 fs over a dynamic range of 7 dB.
The dynamics of coherent clock recovery (CR) using self-pulsing two-section distributed feedback (TS-DFB) lasers have been investigated. Both simulation and experimental results indicate fast lockup and walk-off of the clock-recovery process on the order of nanoseconds. Phase stability of the recovered clock from a pseudorandom bit sequence (PRBS) signal(More)
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