Intissar Toihria

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Charge Pump controlled with three states of a Phase Frequency Detector is an essential building block of Phase Locked Loops (PLLs). Charge Pump-Phase Locked Loops are usually used in diverse applications, such as on chip clock synthesis, symbol timing recovery for serial data streams and generation of frequency agile high frequency carrier signals. This(More)
The evaluation of integrated circuits such as Phase Locked Loops is a challenge in mixed-signal design. In most cases, these circuits are evaluated with electrical stimulations. To verify the proper operation of system before moving on to the design process, it is necessary to model these performances parameters with a hardware description language. At(More)
Analog and mixed architectures design with high performance suffered from many difficulties due to low power supply, consumption, and the trend toward reducing the size of the circuit. Currently, these performances are considered one of the main constraints in analog design. Characterized and designed of mixed circuits such as Charge Pump-Phase Locked Loops(More)
RF and mixed signal IC testing is becoming an important issue that affects both the time-to-market and product cost of many modem electronic systems. This paper focuses on certain mixed signal IC that is phase locked loop (PLL). A novel BIST (Built-In-Self-Test) approach is developed for RF PLL; it is particularly applied for testing the VCO block. The(More)
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