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Delay testing is a technique to determine if a chip will function correctly at a specified frequency. If a chip passes delay tests, it will presumably function at the specified frequency in the field. This paper presents experimental results that show how chips can pass very thorough delay tests and still fail in the field. It is shown that some chips(More)
&A TRANSITION FAULT model typically guides test pattern generation to cover defects that cause late signal transitions. Such a delay test requires a twopattern test: The first pattern initializes a node signal value. The second pattern causes this value to switch to the opposite value and sensitize the transition to an observable output. These two events(More)
With increasing IC process variation and increased operating speed, it is more likely that even subtle defects will lead to the malfunctioning of a circuit. Various fault models, such as the transition fault model and the path-delay model, have been used to aid delay defect detection. However, these models are not efficient for small-delay defect coverage(More)
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