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The effects of gibberellin (GA) on the expression of GA-20 oxidase gene homolog were examined in light-grown seedlings and dark-grown seedlings of DongJinByeo. The growth rates of the stems of etiolated seedlings were faster than those of green seedlings. However, upon addition of GA to these seedlings, the stem growth rates of green seedlings were faster(More)
We present a novel approach for fabricating monodisperse phospholipid vesicles with high encapsulation efficiency using controlled double emulsions as templates. Glass-capillary microfluidics is used to generate monodisperse double emulsion templates. We show that the high uniformity in size and shape of the templates are maintained in the final(More)
The core components of ABA-dependent gene expression signaling have been identified in Arabidopsis and rice. This signaling pathway consists of four major components; group A OsbZIPs, SAPKs, subclass A OsPP2Cs and OsPYL/RCARs in rice. These might be able to make thousands of combinations through interaction networks resulting in diverse signaling responses.(More)
Shaker-like potassium channels are highly conserved voltage-dependent ion channels in plants. Rice, a monocot model plant, has similar numbers of shaker-like potassium channels as Arabidopsis. Although several inward-rectifying potassium channels have been identified, no outward-rectifying potassium channels have yet been reported for rice. Here, we(More)
Protein phosphatase 2C clade A members are major signaling components in the ABA-dependent signaling cascade that regulates seed germination. To elucidate the role of PP2CA genes in germination of rice seed, we selected OsPP2C51, which shows highly specific expression in the embryo compared with other protein phosphatases based on microarray data. GUS(More)
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