Inshil Doh

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Detecting network intrusion has been not only important but also difficult in the network security research area. In Medical Sensor Network(MSN), network intrusion is critical because the data delivered through network is directly related to patients' lives. Traditional supervised learning techniques are not appropriate to detect anomalous behaviors and new(More)
In mobile open Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) which is one of the major attracting technologies recently, the security is a key issue for reliable service, because the mobility and the openness in IPTV could cause much more vulnerabilities to various attacks compared with traditional IPTV services. In this paper, we propose an energy-efficient and secure(More)
M2M(Machine-to-Machine) communication is considered to be one of the major issues in future network. Especially, M2M will bring various benefits in wireless communications when it is interconnected with cellular network. Considering the characteristics of cellular M2M network, traditional security solutions are not practical to apply because the cellular(More)
Steganography, a science of visual cryptography, was historically originated from the times of war when in one country a messenger's head would be shaved to write a secret message on it and hair grown again before he was sent to the other country carrying the message in his head as it was impossible to be revealed unless the head was shaved again on the(More)
In recent years enhancing the capability of network services automatically and dynamically through SDN and CDN/CDNi networks has become a new field of research. These future network architectures pose both a blessing and a threat in the network field. Such network architectures can optimize the overall network services by analyzing the topology, traffic(More)
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is a very attractive technique to support Ubiquitous Pervasive Computing(UPC) such as Medical Sensor Network (MSN) due to many merits such as compact form, low-power, and potential low cost. However, the more the sensor nodes exist, the more difficult the manager monitors sensor nodes individually, and faults of the sensing(More)