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To investigate the frequency of amantadine resistance among influenza A viruses isolated in Korea during the 2003-2009 seasons, 369 (16.8%) 2199 A/H1N1 viruses and 780 (14.8%) of 5263 A/H3N2 viruses were randomly selected. The M2 and HA1 genes of each isolate were amplified by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction and followed by nucleotide(More)
OBJECTIVES To monitor antiviral drug resistance among seasonal influenza viruses isolated in Korea during the 2008-2009 influenza season, we examined influenza isolates collected through Korea Influenza Surveillance Scheme for antiviral drug susceptibility. METHODS For genetic analysis of antiviral drug resistance, the matrix (M2) and neuraminidase (NA)(More)
AFS and DYC are the active safety devices of vehicles by improving vehicle handling and stability. In this paper, the integrated control systems of active front steering (AFS) and direct yaw moment control (DYC) using dynamic inversion (DI) control law is proposed. DI is a novel control technique which has been applied in vehicles operated in various(More)
Incipient bearing fault detection and diagnosis in an induction motor are important for prevention of drive failures. Bearing fault leads to torque oscillations which results in phase modulation of stator current. Hence, the bearing fault can be detected by checking through the fault-related frequency at stator current spectrum. In this paper, the general(More)
A dynamic high pressure standard is becoming more essential in the fields of mobile engines, space science, and especially the area of defense such as long-range missile development. However, a complication arises when a dynamic high pressure sensor is compared with a reference dynamic pressure gauge calibrated in static mode. Also, it is difficult to(More)
This paper addresses a dynamic fault tree analysis (DFTA) to predict the reliability of a steering system. Reliability evaluation is a vital task to prevent any potential failure in a system by identifying vulnerable parts of the system and managing them effectively. Safety-critical systems, such as electric vehicles, have many components whose failure may(More)