Insa Stucke

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Software verification is essential for safety-critical systems. In this paper, we illustrate that some verification tasks can be done fully automatically. We show how to automatically verify imperative programs for relation-based discrete structures by combining relation algebra and the well-known assertion-based verification method with automated theorem(More)
We present different approaches of using a special purpose computer algebra system and theorem provers in software verification. To this end, we first develop a purely algebraic while-program for computing a vertex coloring of an undirected (loop-free) graph. For showing its correctness, we then combine the well-known assertion-based verification method(More)
First, we discuss three specific classes of relations, which allow to model the essential constituents of graphs, such as vertices and (directed or undirected) edges. Based on Kawahara’s characterisation of the cardinality of relations we then derive fundamental properties on their cardinalities. As main applications of these results, we formally verify(More)
Based on Y. Kawahara’s characterisation of the cardinality of relations we derive some fundamental properties of cardinalities concerning vectors, points and mapping-related relations. As applications of these results we verify some properties of linear orders and graphs in a calculational manner. These include the cardinalities of rooted trees and some(More)
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