Inocencio Castro

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Synchronous ovarian primaries are infrequently found in patients with endometrial cancer. Although numerous investigators have examined the characteristics of these women, most include patients with tumors of similar histology, which may simply represent ovarian metastases. To overcome this problem, we present here patients found to have tumors of(More)
The technological advancement is being part of our needs to express how important can be the detection of objects, which transmitted the identity as well as features via wireless communication, the target of ubiquitous computing is the perception computer as an invisible helper and for which we present in this paper a comparison of these two technologies in(More)
The Ambient Intelligence (AmI) concept has emerged to “describe interactions between a multitude of networkenabled devices, services and artifacts. The technology will be almost invisible, embedded in all kinds of objects and everyday environments, such as the home, office, car and train. Users’ access to applications and services – many of which will be(More)
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