Innes Ritchie

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Parallel servers offer improved processing power for relational database systems and provide system scalability. In order to support the users of these systems, new ways of assessing the performance of such machines are required. If these assessments are to show how the machines perform under commercial workloads they need to be based upon models which have(More)
The understanding of literary works is a highly creative yet constrained process focused on examining and articulating the possible intentions of the authors [7]. The active reading project is motivated by the potential of electronic editions to enhance creative activities in literary studies. We use “active reading” to refer to how a reader’s individual(More)
The World Wide Web displays characteristics that make accurate performance prediction impossible. This paper relates performance engineering concepts and practice to an HCI notion of temporal response. In particular, it explores the notion of temporal interaction error and attuning, and presents two examples that serve as a vehicle for the exploration of(More)