Inne Gartina Husein

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The using of open data to improve transparency and public participation in the national development has become an issue in Indonesia. The public, including Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can use the open data provided by the government and other related institutions in order to increase their profits and benefits. The SMEs in fish farming and(More)
The ontology matching process with background knowledge is more suitable to match heterogeneous ontologies, since background knowledge is used as a mediator or a reference to identify relation between two concepts being matched. This method is called indirect matching and the system is called indirect matching system. This paper reviews the motivation that(More)
Coherent mappings become very important things in improving the quality of alignments in ontology matching process. Mapping repairs will restore the incoherent condition into the coherent one by removing undesired correspondences. The ability to remove the undesired correspondences as minimal as possible is called minimal diagnosis. The purpose of this(More)
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