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The process of encoding new information involves the imposition of preexisting interpretive categories on newly encountered stimuli, even if the categories do not match perfectly those stimuli. We hypothesized that such encoding of stimuli as supportive of preexisting encoding dispositions may become a source of a perceiver's subjective experiences that(More)
It is well known that M-ary spread spectrum (M-ary/SS) system is superior to direct-sequence spread spectrum (DS/SS) system under additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN), and can achieve high spectral efficiency. In this paper, we propose use of M-ary/SS for the purpose of improving the anti-noise performance in synchronized chaotic communication system.(More)
Based on our previous work, this paper discusses IT utilization by long-established Japanese companies and its effects. According to our interviews to some managers of such companies, IT systems have been actively introduced and have shown positive effects. For example, multiple numbers of long-established Japanese-style confectionary companies in Kyoto(More)
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