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BACKGROUND In order that patient satisfaction may be assessed in a meaningful way, measures that are valid and reliable are required. This study was undertaken to assess the construct validity and internal reliability of the previously developed Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire (PSQ). METHOD A total of 1390 patients from five practices in the North of(More)
The chromosomes of normal somatic cells appear to be remarkably stable. But whether this stability is the result of a high rate of elimination or of a low rate of production of cells with abnormal chromosomes is not known. If the former were the case it would imply a proliferative differential between cells with normal and abnormal chromosomes. Ford (1964)(More)
HLA-A and B antigens were determined in a study of 37 couples and their children with trisomy 21 Down syndrome (DS), using a standard microlymphocytotoxicity test. The comparison groups included 76 couples and their healthy children. All individuals were Caucasians from the same geographical area, and there was no history of consanguinity. The parents of(More)
Giemsa banding confirms the loss of a No. 22 chromosome in an established line of a human malignant meningioma previously demonstrated by fluorescence on short term cultures. Der Verlust eines Chromosoms Nr. 22 wurde durch Analyse der Giemsa-Bandmuster an einer Langzeit-Zell-Linie eines menschlichen malignen Meningeoms bestätigt. Dieser Befund war schon(More)