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Adventitious rooting is an organogenic process by which roots are induced from differentiated cells other than those specified to develop roots. In forest tree species, age and maturation are barriers to adventitious root formation by stem cuttings. The mechanisms behind the respecification of fully differentiated progenitor cells, which underlies(More)
The most striking characteristic of CHO cells is their adaptability, which enables efficient production of proteins as well as growth under a variety of culture conditions, but also results in genomic and phenotypic instability. To investigate the relative contribution of genomic and epigenetic modifications towards phenotype evolution, comprehensive genome(More)
The GRAS protein family of putative transcription factors , which includes SHORT-ROOT (SHR), SCARECROW (SCR) and SCARECROW-LIKE (SCL) proteins, is involved in root development in Arabidopsisthaliana and other plant species [1]. In forest species, genes with homology to the A. thalianaSCR gene have been involved in the induction of somatic embryogenesis in(More)
African American women writers have led the way in engaging the significances of identity, experience, the past, and the present. Moreover, they have provided us with literary content that, when engaged theoretically toward the end of understanding the relationship between the universal and the particular, can help us rediscover the innovative significance(More)
The low regeneration capacity of forest species is one of the major limitations for vegetative propagation [1]. The molecular mechanisms that determine the efficiency of clonal propagation programs via either adventitious organogenesis or somatic embryogenesis have not been established. For clonal propagation via somatic embryo-genesis, the success of the(More)
“Me-too” drugs are new pharmaceuticals with the mechanism of action of an existing drug and are considered less innovative than breakthrough drugs. The objective of this study was to evaluate whether the adoption patterns of the breakthrough drug sitagliptin and the “me-too” drug saxagliptin differed and to assess whether the patterns differed between(More)
Los derechos de copia están permitidos para propósitos académicos y privados. Es necesario el permiso expreso de los propietarios del copyright para su re-publicación. Mejoras en la recuperación web combinando campos, 30 Sevilla, estudia las diferentes propuestas que existen actualmente para nave-gar por páginas web de forma automática, además, se presenta(More)
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