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Four cases of resistant Schizophrenia treated with valproate association with different neuroleptic drugs (thioridazine in three cases and loxapine in one) are presented. After a mean period of three months with this treatment, clinical improvement, consisting in a reduction of positive symptoms, as measured by the BPRS, and a normalization of(More)
A harsh psychosocial environment in the workplace might cause adverse health events, but the association has not been well demonstrated in the penitentiary environment. This cross-sectional study was designed to explore the association between workplace psychosocial risks and the mental health of correctional officers in a Spanish penitentiary center. A(More)
Research has lately increased its focus on work conditions as predictors of stress among prison workers but only few studies have focused on how the exposure of workers to psychosocial risks vary according to their occupational groups and their contact with inmates. Work psychosocial risks (demands, control and social support) were assessed using the(More)
BACKGROUND The current social and political context is generating socio-economic inequalities between and within countries, causing and widening health inequalities. The development and implementation of interventions in primary health care (PHC) settings seem unavoidable. Attempts have been made to draw up adequate criteria to guide and evaluate(More)
The SIDAM, a new clinical structured interview for the diagnosis and measure of dementia according to DSM-III-R and ICD-10, is described. This instrument comprises a clinical overview, several cognitive tests, including the Mini-Mental State, and a section for clinical judgement and information coming from others. Every item relies on DSM-11-R and ICD-10(More)
OBJECTIVE To provide indicators to assess the impact on health, its social determinants and health inequalities from a social context and the recent economic recession in Spain and its autonomous regions. METHODS Based on the Spanish conceptual framework for determinants of social inequalities in health, we identified indicators sequentially from key(More)
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