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The purposes of the present study were to determine muscle strength and power output characteristics in a group of professional soccer players and to identify their relationships with 2 functional performance tests (vertical jumping height and 15-m sprint time). Maximal strength and power indices attained against different loads in barbell back squat(More)
We have evaluated reconstruction methods using smooth basis functions in the electron tomography of complex biological specimens. In particular, we have investigated series expansion methods, with special emphasis on parallel computation. Among the methods investigated, the component averaging techniques have proven to be most efficient and have generally(More)
Forty-five patients with high-risk myeloid malignancies (32 acute myeloid leukemia and 13 high-risk myelodysplastic syndromes) were treated with fludarabine, cytarabine, idarubicin, and G-CSF (FLAG-IDA). Twenty-four (53%) patients achieved complete remission (CR), and five (11%) partial remission. Infection predominantly with pulmonary involvement was the(More)
Autophagy is implicated in regulating cell death in activated T cells, but the underlying mechanism is unclear. Here, we show that inhibition of autophagy via Beclin 1 gene deletion in T cells leads to rampant apoptosis in these cells upon TCR stimulation. Beclin 1-deficient mice fail to mount autoreactive T-cell responses and are resistant to experimental(More)
The dry olive residue (DOR) obtained from the olive oil extraction process has toxic components against plants and microorganism growth, particularly monomeric phenols. In this investigation nine saprobic fungi were found to be capable of completely removing these phenols from the solid after 20 weeks of growth, although the rate depended on the type of(More)
Twitch potentiation in knee extensor (KE) muscles after a 7-s conditioning isometric maximal voluntary contraction (MVC trial), submaximal (25% MVC) voluntary contraction (SVC trial) and submaximal tetanic contraction (25% MVC) induced by percutaneous electrical stimulation at 100 Hz (PES trial) was compared in 12 men aged 19–25 years. Isometric twitch(More)
uego is a general clustering technique capable of accelerating and/or parallelizing existing search methods. uego is an abstraction of gas, a genetic algorithm (ga) with subpopulation support, so the niching (i.e. clustering) technique of gas can be applied along with any kind of optimizers, not only genetic algorithm. The aim of this paper is to analyze(More)
This work studies the problem of balancing the workload of iterative algorithms on heterogeneous multiprocessors. An approach, called ADITHE, is proposed and evaluated. Its main features are: (1) using a homogeneous distribution of the workload on the heterogeneous system, the speed of every node is estimated during the first iterations of the algorithm;(More)