Inmaculada Aguilera Jiménez

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Health Impact Evaluation of Particle Air Pollution in Five Spanish Cities. European APHEIS Project Background: The health effects of air pollution have been analyzed in numerous studies over recent years, thus having made it possible to quantify the relationship between the two. This study is aimed at analyzing the theoretical benefits which would be(More)
Ribavirin (RBV) in combination with pegylated interferon is the current standard treatment for chronic hepatitis C. Exposure to RBV seems crucial for achieving the best virologic response. However, RBV may cause anemia in a dose-dependent manner. Therefore, monitoring RBV plasma levels could be useful for individual tailoring of RBV dosing. A rapid assay(More)
We present a case of fixed drug eruption on the genital mucosa induced by amoxycillin. Topical provocation was carried out, applying amoxycilin (10% pet) on the glans penis. No reaction was observed. Oral challenge with amoxycillin was followed by pruritic erythema on the glans penis 6 hours after the intake of 125 mg. The study of cross-reactivity to other(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES Contrast media (CM) with minimal algogenic (pain causing) potential in animal models of peripheral arteriography are still able to produce vascular pain in humans; the poor predictive value of preclinical evaluation led us to develop a more sensitive method based on CM potentiation of bradykinin effects in the rat. METHODS(More)
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